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How vegan whilst at work

30 Apr

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for the comments about exercising in group or alone.. I love doing group classes because it helps you push harder but I like running alone so I can clear my head and don’t have to adapt to someone’s pace..

Seems like a lot of you followed the Royal wedding.. I was at work but I saw some pictures of her.. She looked sooo pretty!!

This morning I went to Bikram.. I was able to do my first camel pose!!! I was so excited that I almost fell out of the posture.. *woops*

It is sooo cool that every class, you become more flexible..Every class you can go more into a pose.. It’s quite motivating really :)

Also.. I went to get my car after Bikram ( Well not right after, I had to go home and shower first :p) Looks like faith has pulled a little prank on me.. Since recently I decided to not eat dairy /fish or meat any more.. My new license plate is…

 Oh common! :D Well, at least it’s easy to remember ;)

This is my new ride btw, small but so cute!



Yesterday I went to a casting for a catwalk show and after I worked at a VIP event from 2pm-00am.. I had a feeling that they weren’t gonna serve us anything Vegan proof or fish for dinner so I brought my own stuff.

The first thing you’re gonna need is tupperware..Lots and lots of tupperware.. :D My dishwasher is full with the ones I used yesterday :)

Because my collegue/bestie Laura came to pick me up at 11am I packed 2 lunches for us.. Apple-cinnamon oatmeal for her and banana chocolate protein oat bran for me.. I personally think that oatmeal can be eaten cold as wel, I even kinda like it this way.. :) By the time Laura ate her apple-cinnamon oatmeal at 1pm, it was still hot :)

She told me it was very nice *yeeey I’m a good chef lolz*

Banana – pecan- chocolate protein oat bran

For dinner, I made myself a seitan sandwich.. I was planning to put tempeh in this one but reconsidered because my seitan was already opened.. Ofcourse I realized that after marinating and cooking a batch of tempeh at 11′o clock at night :p Well, at least i have some prepared tempeh in the freezer now :)

This sandwich consisted of 2 slices of pumpernickel bread, oak leaf salad, cucumber, seitan, salsa and avocado.. I was a little bit worried it wasn’t gonna be fresh by dinner time but it was fine :) Good thing I brought something because dinner was “Vol au vent with mashed potatoes” or ” ravioli bolognese”.. Too meaty for me :)

I also packed 2 apples and a Luna bar ( Iced oatmeal raisin) and ofcourse my bb and portfolio..

It kept me full for the entire day, so first takout vegan lunch succes! :)


And here’s some more food porn:

Lentils, grape tomatoes, yellow zuchini and organic white beans in tomato sauce..

Topped with some Seitan and hummus..

ENTER fusion cooking haha! This is a chocolate protein oat bran smoothie :) I just made a chocolate protein smoothie and added some oat bran for some more staying-power.. It was good :)

After Bikram this morning I craved something sweet and filling: pancakes made from protein power and oats!

  • 1/2 cup of oats (1/4 more if you want them very firm)
  • 1/4 cup of oat bran
  • scoop of protein powder ( I’m guessing around 1/8 of a cup)

Mix together with some water or soy milk and bake.. ( These pancakes are not sweet because I used neutral flavored protein powder, I just put some sucanat on top)


- Chocolate protein smoothie meets oat bran? Do or die? :p

- How do you pack you healthy lunch? Any nice tips you got for me? :)

Eats from here and there..

28 Apr

Hey hey hey :)

Hope everybody’s having an AWESOME day so far! This is my last day Chillaxing around the house.. Tomorrow back to work! Friday I have to work near the Northsee for the reception of some VIP people. ( and Sunday as well). And then Monday I start my job with the brand of Linea Rafaelli, they sell wedding dresses.. I will surely photograph some, it’s always a blast to see yourself in a wedding dress ( especially when you’re not getting married.. yet ;) )

Regarding exercise, yesterday I did a 5k run in the morning and at night I did some Bikram yoga.. It was ok, but we were with only 8 people in the class, what made it a lot less hotter.. It also seems to me that with more people in class, you create a nicer energy, a kind of “group” vibe. I kinda missed that yesterday.. On the program for today:  a 7k run and some weight exercises before that..

Now moving on to some recent eats:

A nice bowl of :

  • - lentils
  • - Baked seitan
  • - steamed cherry tomatoes
  • - steamed grean beens
  • - steamed yellow zuchini

topped with a spoon of  Sabra hummus..

Yesterday, after bikram class, I craved a smoothie real real bad.. I didn’t have all the necessary “normal” ingredients, so I just experimented a bit..

This smoothie contained the following :

  • frozen strawberries
  • oak leaf salad
  • cucumber
  • 1/2 banana
  • 4 cubes of coconut milk
  • spoon of chocolate protein powder
  •  cacao
  • soy milk
  • Xantan gum and Guar gum

Smoothie from heaven!! It was nice and thick, sweet from the protein powder and banana,  fresh because of the cucumber..

Topped with some cheerios for crunch..

This morning I had a new favorite combo for breakfast: Oatbran- yoghurt!

  • soy yoghurt plain 4 tablespoons
  • soy yoghurt vanille 2 tablespoons
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup of oatbran
  • 1 teaspoon of choc protein powder


That’s all for now folks :) have a great day!


- Do you like working out in group or do you rather do it alone? Why?

- What do you think about oatbran yoghurt? Must-try or I-don’t-really-wanna-go-there-thx ;) ?

How to.. Make a vision board

27 Apr

Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having a great day!

Mine started with a 5k run, I did the same lap in 2 minutes less *hooraaaaaay*

Today I wanted to do a post about making a vision board. A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on goals that you make for yourself. It is a board where you display images that represent how you want to feel, what you want to be in life or what you want to do in life.

A vision board also helps you to stay focused. It’s easy to start a day with a positive attitude but after a few challenges during the day, this attitude can quickly diminish. It’s difficult to stay focused on a goal when other people or circumstances affect you in so many ways. By looking at a vision board, it can help you to stay focused on your goals and keep your life headed in the direction you choose.

To start , you’re gonna need some materials :

  • scissors
  • glue
  • Magazines ( I used a travel magazine, a magazine bout organic food, Woman’s Health, Shape, Self and Cosmopolitan)
  • Poster board ( I used a silver one)

Before you get going, think about what your goals are in life.. What are your dreams and goals? Is there something you want to come into your life? What do you want to achieve in life. From the moment you have a good idea of what you want your board to be about, you can start cutting out words or images from the magazines..

My silver poster board with flowers..

Start to go through the magazines and tear out images and words that appeal to you. Try to collect a large stack of images to choose from.

Go through your stack of images and words and place your favorites on your board. When you look at your board, it should feel inspiring. You can make little themes in different corners or go a lil crazy and paste the images anywhere you want.

I placed a picture of me and the love of my life in the middle..

The end result.. I think it looks awesome :)

The run- section :)

The Yoga – meditation section..

Traveling :)

Healthy eating..

Confidence – eating right – lifestyle..

Bright future- friends- fitness

Put your board somewhere you will see it everyday. For your vision board to be most effective, it has to be somewhere you will constantly see it. For me, it’s in the kitchen.. I spend a lot of time there and it just fits there.. Because I can’t drill a hole in wall if my life depended on it, I used tape.. A loooooooooooot of tape ;)

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :) I’m quite happy with the end result!


- How do you feel about Vision boards? usefull or not?

- What are your goals towards the future?


Spring equals flowers..

26 Apr

Hey sweeties!
How is everyone doing? I’m mentally preparing to go back to work pretty soon, season is starting up again and May seems quite buzzay! Yesterdag it was easter monday, an official holiday so we went to see some pwetty flowers in the national plant garden of Belgium.. And I ate my last ice cream.. EVER.. Well not ever, I can still make Ice cream at home using non dairy ingredients.. To be honest, I couldn’t even finish my Ice cream.. It did appeal to me when I ordered it, but once I dove in.. I couldn’t stop thinking about Food inc.

My goodbye Ice cream.. Vanilla with banana, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.. A lot of dairy! To much dairy for me to be honest, I think I would have enjoyed a fresh fruit salad even more.. But hey, it was the last one :)

My outfit for the day, short shorts with a pink satin top, white cardigan and silver sandals..

Here are some pics of all the nice flowers we saw yesterday.. :)

They’re so pink! I love them!

My crib.. ( I wish ;) )

These flowers my boyfriend picked for me.. He gets romantic sometimes ;)

Me and my sweety..

I went to the supermarket and the organic supermarket today and scored some goodies: Bananas, Romaine, Oak leaf salad and watercress..

So pretty colours :)

I found Tempeh at last!!!! Woohow, so eager to try it :) I also bought some organic Tofu and some Seitan..

Soy milk, Sabra spicy Hummus and soy yogurt..

I’m planning on making my first Visualization board tommorow.. I went to get some nice silver cardboard and some pretty flowers.. I need to get reminded each day that I’m very blessed and what my goals are towards the future.. A board like that seems perfect.. I will show you the results tomorrow..!

- Have any on you ever made a Visualization Board? Would you consider it?

- If you ever made one, do you have any tips?


Seitan success!

24 Apr

Hi guys!

Hope you are all having an awesome easter.. I was kinda afraid that I would crave chocolate today but it’s so damn hot..!! :)

I bought my Garmin Forerunner 305!!

I’m soo eager to try this next week!! I noticed that my endurance isn’t that good anymore.. So I’m happy this baby will give me the exact information I need to improve that ;) And I can give you guys more detailed info about my workouts :))

Yesterday I made seitan for the first time myself..It said on the package to fry in the pan,so I did.. The consistancy is very similar to meat.. Just fry for about 2 minutes on each side..

I made a Seitan salad with baby spinach,green beans, advocado, salsa and black olives.. AMAZING! The seitan really has a very nice flavour and consistancy.. I never tried Tempeh, but this is my number 1 right now :)

I also made an amazing dip to go with sliced apples..

Mix a scoop of chocolate protein powder with a scoop of all bran and 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter..Add in some almond milk until creamy..

Amazing dip!! I had it this morning with fresh strawberries as well :)

Don’t forget about the Q&A please! :) I’ve only received 2 questions so far, so please don’t be shy to ask me anything you’d like to know ;)



Hot chili Tofu succes!

23 Apr

Hi guys!

I had THE best lunch yesterday.. AMAZING!! :)

I started the day with something experimental.. I mixed some Soy yoghurt with chia seeds and some oats. Stirred in a tablespoon of coconut butter.. Let that sit in the frigde for a night and than top with cinnamon, banana and apple.. It wasn’t bad at all :)

And then the star of the day @ lunchtime…

Whole wheat wrap with chili tofu and melted Cheezly..

Add some baby spinach leaves , some avocado and hot salsa..

Look at this baby, it was PERFECT!

During the day I also had some snacks:

Chickpea muffin ( almost the last one ;) ) , sliced banana and pb/cacao bliss..+ unpictured apple and pecans..


It is soooooooooooo hor here in Belgium, it really feels like summer instead of spring! We went to Antwerp yesterday to find the boyfriend some shoes, this was my outfit yesterday..

I love flowers.. ;)

My boy, very concentrated ;)

Well I’m off to Bikram! I can almost hold my pose without falling yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Don’t forget my Q&A!! I already got a question about doing a make-up tutorial, that could be so fun! If you guys want me to do anything else or want to know anything else, let me now HERE ;)

Formspring was down yesterday but now it is up and running again!

Have a nice one!

I’ve made up my mind..

21 Apr

Hi guys!

I’ve been doing a lot of research on being a vegetarian/vegan and I think I have made a decision for myself.. I want to feel good about my eating pattern and for me it is important to have some flexibility.. ( you know , with traveling and all)..

I think I would feel best eating fish when dining out at work.. ( meaning very occasionally ) Fish is on every menu here in Belgium, and after watching Food Inc. I think that eliminating dairy and any other animal is a necessity..

The best way to label this kind of lifestyle is Pescatarianism..

Pescatarians are quite similar to vegetarians but the difference between pescatarians and vegetarians is that pescatarians eat fish and shellfish. Major vegetarian organizations, including The Vegetarian Society, do not recognize pescatarians as true vegetarians. Pescatarians believe that they can improve their health, the plight of land animals and the condition of our planet by refusing to consume meats other than seafood.

Pescatarians do not eat land animals or birds, including chicken, beef, pork and other types of poultry. They do, however, eat seafood, including fish, mollusks and crustaceans. This includes foods like salmon, tuna, lobster, shrimp, scallops and oysters. These foods can be prepared in any manner, as long as they are not prepared with other animal flesh ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables are the main attraction for pescatarians, much like vegetarians and vegans. Pescatarians eat any kind of fruit, vegetable, grain, bean, nut or seed. They can also eat plant-based proteins like soy and tempeh. Some pescatarians rely on beans, nuts and dairy for the majority of their protein, eating fish and seafood only on occasion ( that’s me ;) )


I will eliminate dairy from my eating pattern.. This will be the most humungous sacrifice because I love Ice-cream and my favorite salad is one with goat cheese and honey.. But it’s for a very good cause ;) I will stay cautious about eating fish I know are being overfished, and will have  to avoid certain types of fish based on what knowledge I have right now..

My diet will stay overall vegan- inspired so you will be seeing a lot of vegan recipes here on the bloggie..
Some breakfast.. Cheerios with nanner :)
On the way to buy some more plants for my terras, we stopped for a drink.. It has been a while since I’ve had coffee but this one was really delish.. Without milk though *snif * It would be nice if someone invented small soy milk cups to consume with your coffee :))
A very delish salad I whipped up, I’m planning to do a post about this one because it was sooooo good..! Chickpea-cherry tomatoes- dried tomatoe/olive tapenade.. SO good!
Green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, zuchini..
Tomatoes with salsa herbs and balsamic creme..
Snack platter! Sliced appel, Chickpea muffins, one with pb and one with cacao bliss and some pecans!
Don’t forget about my Q&A!!
I would also like to do a Q&A to add to my “the girl” page..

Please feel free to ask anything you’d like to know! Because I would like it to be anonymous, I will do it HERE ! ;)

Give away winner and Q&A!!

21 Apr

Hi guys!

How’s everybody doooooooooooooooooing? The sun is shining like crrrrrrrrrrrazy here!!

It’s about 25 °C / 77 F and bright and sunny :) Me like!

Time to announce the Give away winner!!

I had 61 entrees, I just made a list of every person that gave a comment ( + maybe tweeted) and than used a Custom Random Number generator..

Winner: 49. Carrie @moves and munchies!

Please send me your details for the shipping –>


I would also like to do a Q&A to add to my “the girl” page..
Please feel free to ask anything you’d like to know! Because I would like it to be anonymous, I will do it HERE ! ;)

Lots of love and see you tonight!!

An apple’s rollercoaster ride..

19 Apr

Hey guys! How is everyone doing?? :)

I almost afraid to admit it but I watched 5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy today.. I don’t know how they do it but once I pick up where I left off.. I’m hooked!! I had about 5 episodes to watch, and I kept saying ” after this episode I’m gonna start my run”.. I started at about 10 am and went on my run 4pm haha! But I did go ;)

It wasn’t a very good run today. I felt physically sick the whole time.. I think my previous meal( apple) was doing a real rollercoaster in there *wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

It must have had a blast before digesting :p I didn’t feel so cheery though, I added about 5 min on my 5k because I had to stop the whole time to walk a little bit..

That why I will run on  an (almost) empty stumach on thursday.. I’m planning on doing Bikram again tommorow..I’m officially very very VERY addicted.. It’s a real shame that it’s so expensive though, but I rather buy less clothes and have a healthy body (and mind).. :)

In my previous post I asked you guys what your favorite tea kind is.. A lot of people said “chai”. Well..

I never had Chai before!! :(

So curious how it tastes, can someone describe it to me? :)

Today I had Cheerios (yes again, the box is almost empty ;) ) with soy milk and apple for breakfast..

Lunch: Whole wheat wrap with green olive tapanade, chili tofu, melted cheezly and baby spinach.. And a Chickpea brownie with pb and pecan..

For the boy’s dinner I made pasta with shrimps, brocolli, mushrooms in a sauce of olive oil, garlic and herbs..

Because of the problems with my stomach I opted for something light: Chia seeds, oats, chocolate vegan protein and 1/2 nanner topped with pb and pecans..* njam*

After my run, I saw something sticking out of the mailbox!! The only problem was that my mailbox is quite small and the mailman was apparently very determined to get rid of his package.. The box is now stuck like a brick in my mailbox.. I was too excited to read my new book so I opened the package whilst it was stuck in the mailbox.. Veganomicon is now laying next to me, the wrapping is stick stuck there.. :)

Kaila from the blog “ the healthy helper” has tagged me in the awesome blog award that Carrie from Moves’nMunchies has invented!

The rulezzz:

1. Post this award with the picture and name whoever tagged you in it
2. Do the STUFF
3. Award to 7 others and tell them you did so!
And here’s what you have to do!

1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you 
-right now I have my new book veganomicon laying next to me
-my sweet boyfriend is also laying next to me in the sofa
-my camera : I just uploaded I bunch of new pics for the blog

2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without 
Hmm this is a difficult one, only 2?
The first one is Oats, I crave them like crazy if I can’t have them..
The second is Artisana Cacao Bliss.. I’m so addicted to this stuff! :) It’s a perfect substitute for chocolate..
3. Name 1 thing you did today
I watched 5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy lol
Now I’m supposed to tag some other bloggers :)
Sabine @ The Fruitpursuit
Kayla @ Little Miss Healthify
Dana @ My Little celebratrion
Teri @ A Foodie Stays Fit
Kate @ A healthy passion
Gabriela @ Une Vie saine
- What is you’re favorite time in the day to work out?
- Are you a fan of grey’s anatomy or any other TV show?
Have a nice evening everyone!!

Extra Give away goodies!

19 Apr

Hey hey!

I decided to add some goodies to the giveaway ( you have until tommorow 6pm to enter!)

Some Lipton Pyramid Premium Tea!!

3 bags of Grand Soom Darjeeling  ( According to the website, this tea pairs excellent with the tast of chocolate hihi)

4 bags of Earl Grey Tea

2 bags of Morrocan mint (Cinnamon, green mint, liquorice root)

2 bags of Oriental Green Sencha (Green tea, White Pear, Orangeblossom)

All u have to do is:

- Tweet about the giveaway: I just entered @Ellalinea extra giveway! Visit”

- Comment on this post:  What is your favourite kind of tea?

I’m going running in the sunshineeeeeeeeeeeeee, see you later :=)


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