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Recipe : Rhubarb Preserve

12 Apr

Today I had some leftover rhubarb, I don’t really know what to do with it so I made a rhubarb preserve!!


- I think I used just under 2 pounds of rhubarb
- pinch of cinnamon
- agave to sweeten ( optional)
- 3/4 of a cup of water

1. Clean the rhubarb. Cut the ends off and wash them under very cold water. Cut the rhubarb in pieces of about 1 inch.

2. Boil the water and throw in the pieces of rhubarb.


3. Add cinnamon and let simmer for 15 minutes.You can add some extra agave if you like it sweeter.

4. Boil all the excess water until it thickens. I also used a little bit of Xanthan and Guar gum to thicken it in stead of sugar..

5. Delicious Rhubarb Preserve


I mix this with plain soy yoghurt or put in on my bread together with organic PB :)





Turning your sweat tooth into something good..

12 Apr

Hi guys!!

How is everybody doing? Work is kinda slow for me at this moment so I’m mostly doing stuff at home.. It’s quite typical that models work in cycles, sometimes it gets really super super bizzay and sometimes it just slows down.. Works for me ;)

Today I wanted to write something about misleading your sweet tooth.. Whether we are simply chilling at home or writing a paper, we all, from time to time, experience an urge for something chocolaty. It is a feeling that occurs naturally and we often have a difficult time escaping it.At least I do! ;) The key is balance and control.

Here are some recipes I often use to mislead my sweet tooth:

- Breakfast cookies

- Black bean brownies

- Apple Cupcakes

- Chocolate tofu brownies

- Protein Ice cream

- Strawberries with cane sugar and balsamic vinegar

- No bake cakes

- Apple with cinnamon

Just microwave some chopped apples with agave and cinnamon

- Protein pancakes

These are the recipes I make on a daily bases..

By making all of these delicious recipes, I can keep that sweet tooth monster tamed.. I don’t feel the need to eat M&M’s, snickers, chocolate or any other baked goods.. And they are all super nutritious and healthy for ya!!


Have a very nice day!! :D



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