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Food porn and Bikram recap!

14 Apr

Hey hey :)

Hope everyone’s doing great!!

Today I wanted to show some of my eats, although I have to make clear that some items go unphotographed! I sometimes just forget to make a picture or sometimes it’s just not interesting enough :p:p

I started my day with a bowl of cheerios ( fuck I’m so very addicted to this stuff!! This is the best cereal on the market here, at least in belgium, counting at 1g of sugar per 100 grams, you can’t find any better here) with 1/2 of nanner and some soymilk mixed with a scoop of chocolate protein powder!

Ooooooh this is heaven!!

As a snack I had an unpictured bowl of soy yoghurt with berries..

I had about 3 of these today, just plain simple green tea without sugar, it’s very important to drink enough during the day before attending a Bikram Yoga class..

Snack plate for lunch: fresh pineapple, nanner with pb and a bowl of chocolate oat bran with artisana cacao bliss and cashews..

Right before Bikram I had a little snack: organic chicken breast with brown rice, olive tapenade and mushrooms

and one pink lady apple on the way!

oops it’s upside down :p

After Bikram I took a shower and was haaaaangry!!!! There wasn’t a lot left in the fridge so I just threw a salad together..

Brown rice, Chickpeas and Lima beans

Cut up some cucumbers..

Look at this beauty!

All cut up :)

Add some Romaine..

Some avocadoooooo..

Aaaah look at those pwetty colours! I also added some green olive tapenade..

After tasting, I missed something sweet to balance all the saltyness so I added some Balsamic creme..

This bowl made about 2.5 servings, I know what I’ll be eating tommorow for lunch ;)


Today I had the best Bikram yoga class ever!!! The first time I attended a class, I had to sit down about 20 times because I just coudn’t stand the heat..

Today was the first time I completed an entire 90 minutes class without sitting down, and just 1 waterbreak! I also feel like I’m becoming more flexible, for me this is quite a miracle.. I used to be like this :

I hope to be like this in the future:

No just kidding ;) This will do :

I also felt a change in my state of mind.. I was totally concentrated for 90 minutes straight, it just flew by actually.. Hope to have many of these classed to come! I feel like taking on the world!!

- Did you ever feel like you could walk on clouds after exercise?

- What do you eat after a hard session in the gym or a nice run? Post work out fuel tips please? :d


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