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Spring equals flowers..

26 Apr

Hey sweeties!
How is everyone doing? I’m mentally preparing to go back to work pretty soon, season is starting up again and May seems quite buzzay! Yesterdag it was easter monday, an official holiday so we went to see some pwetty flowers in the national plant garden of Belgium.. And I ate my last ice cream.. EVER.. Well not ever, I can still make Ice cream at home using non dairy ingredients.. To be honest, I couldn’t even finish my Ice cream.. It did appeal to me when I ordered it, but once I dove in.. I couldn’t stop thinking about Food inc.

My goodbye Ice cream.. Vanilla with banana, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.. A lot of dairy! To much dairy for me to be honest, I think I would have enjoyed a fresh fruit salad even more.. But hey, it was the last one :)

My outfit for the day, short shorts with a pink satin top, white cardigan and silver sandals..

Here are some pics of all the nice flowers we saw yesterday.. :)

They’re so pink! I love them!

My crib.. ( I wish ;) )

These flowers my boyfriend picked for me.. He gets romantic sometimes ;)

Me and my sweety..

I went to the supermarket and the organic supermarket today and scored some goodies: Bananas, Romaine, Oak leaf salad and watercress..

So pretty colours :)

I found Tempeh at last!!!! Woohow, so eager to try it :) I also bought some organic Tofu and some Seitan..

Soy milk, Sabra spicy Hummus and soy yogurt..

I’m planning on making my first Visualization board tommorow.. I went to get some nice silver cardboard and some pretty flowers.. I need to get reminded each day that I’m very blessed and what my goals are towards the future.. A board like that seems perfect.. I will show you the results tomorrow..!

- Have any on you ever made a Visualization Board? Would you consider it?

- If you ever made one, do you have any tips?



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