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Vlog: How to..Put on natural makeup

8 May

Hey everyone!

First of all, Mom if you’re reading: Happy mother’s day!! ;)

Today I made my first Vlog! I got a request before to do a makeup tutorial regarding natural makeup so here is the result! If you guys like it I can do another one on party makeup.. Just let me know :)

!! The sound isn’t very good because I don’t have an internal microphone.. You may need to use earphones to hear me talk, it will depend on your computer ;) !!

And some more recent eats ;)

Whole wheat bread with pb and nanner..

Whole wheat wrap with pb, strawberry jam and banana

Whole wheat wrap with smoked salmon, cheezly, salsa and spinach

Snackage: Apple and pecans

Whole wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes, tomatoe sauce, cheezly and spinach

Soy yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruit

- Vlogs? Do or don’t?

- What did you do for mothersday? I didn’t really celebrate because the real mother’s day in Belgium is the 15th of august ;)

- Do you have a pb addiction? I sure do ;)




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