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Off to the fair!

20 Jun

Hey hey hey 🙂

Have you guys had a busy weekend? Mine was packed! I went to bikram yoga friday morning and later that night we want to one of the biggest fair here in antwerp: the sinksenfoor!

We had a lot of fun just browsing the fair and looking for something to eat.. The boyfriend was looking for some “smartieballs” and decided to buy 10 pieces with some sugar..

I had one to taste but was more in the mood for ice-cream! A friend of mine told me that he discovered a new cute gelato parlor called “the gelato factory”.. Real italian icecream!!?? Hell yeah, let’s go there!

I had straciatella and cookie dough chocolate icecream! Deeelish!

Before the fair, I visited my mom’s for dinner.. She cooked a great dinner: Grilled tuna, wild rice and a salad.. Thanx mom, it was  a great meal!! 🙂

Some fun fair pictures:


As you can see, the picture quality isn’t that great so I decided to buy a new blackberry with a better camera ( So I can secretly snap pictures of my food whilst acting like I’m texting mwwhooahoaaa 😉 )

I bought the new blackberry Torch so picture quality will be improving.. I promise 😉



-How was your weekend?   Mine was bizzy but so fun! We stayed up until 5am, talking about life and having great discussions.. Love it!

– Top weekend eats? The gelato, for sure!!