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Dreaming of july: roadtrip!!

17 Jun

Hi guys! How is everyone doing? :))

The working season has slowed down a bit, which is good because I really worked a lot the last few weeks.. Now I can concentrate on Bikram yoga!! ( Remember I won that unlimited memebership for a month?)

I was out for about a week because work was so bizzy, so wednesday I went back after a week of doing nothing ( except some running).. The class was extremely hot and humid and I really had a rough time powering through.. I really stood there thinking.. “Well, is this what I’ve been lingering for the whole week.. NICE.. haha”. I had to lay down the last 15 minutes of the class, because I started to resemble a tomato..

Not kidding there 😉

But I went back, this fridaymorning and had a great class.. Now that’s what I’ve signed up for 😉 I’ll keep you posted on how the Bikram mini challenge is going 😉



On to some recent eatsies:

Grilled Zucchini, grilled pepper, grilled shrimps and tomato whole wheat pasta..

Apple, greek yoghurt, muesli and goji berries..

Steamed carrots, steamed brocolli, steamed green beans, quinoa, veggie steak and hummus..


Sliced apple with coconut butter and Goji berries..

Sliced apple, kiwi and banana with coconut butter and raw cacao nibs…

Soy yoghurt..

Cheerios with rice milk and soy protein powder..



So this summer I will be spending 18 days in the lovely US of A.. I’m soooo excited!!I’m even crossing the days on my calender haha 😀

We will be doing a road trip on the westcoast of the USA together with a another ( L&S)..

This will be our ride ( or something comparable) :

I call it “the beast” 😉  We needed a full size SUV because with 4 people, there is a lot of luggage + we will be driving about 3500 miles during our trip..

Our trip will start in..


Next stop:

Yosemite national park..

On to:

Saaaaan fraaaaaaaaannnnnnnciscooooooooooooo

From then on, we have to drive a looooong time to get to Yellowstone, but we all agreed we couldn’t miss this miracle of nature..

On-the-road stops:


This will be the higlight of our trip:

Yellowstone National park!!

Next stop: Bryce canyon and..




Ofcourse the grand canyon will also be visited..

Last stop: Vegas baby!! We’ll stay here a bit longer to do some shopping and relax by the pool after a hopefully fun but defenitely tiring trip..

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! *jump jump jump*


– Have you ever been to one of these places? How was it?

– What is your dream trip/ destination?




Paris recap and recent reflections..

14 Jun

Hi Guys!!! Guess who’s back? 🙂

( And then this song popped into my head:

Guess whos back, back again
Shadys back, tell a friend
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
guess who’s back
Guess who’s back…nanananananananananana

Alllllrightie then..)

I got back from Paris yesterday evening.. Unfortunately I didn’t even see Paris this time ( I have been there already 3 times, so I’ve seen the city already but damn, I wanted to see something! )

After I arrived there Saturday night, the taxi took us straight to the hotel.. I decided to go to bed early because the next day we had to work from 9 am until 9pm.. And believe me, trying out 300 wedding dresses and standing on heels for 12 hours isn’t a breeze.. I really had a good night sleep that night 😉

After that long day, the team went out to a Italian restaurant very close to our hotel.. I was so happy when everyone was in the mood for fish so the owner started to prepare some grilled tuna and white fish.. They gave us 7 plates to divide over our team and served everything on big dishes.. Very family style, I kinda love that! 🙂

On my plate: Grilled tuna, grilled peppers in olive oil, grilled zucchini and rucola salad..

After dinner I went straight to bed because the next day we had to work from 9am until 6pm and then catch the train back to Belgium..

The team decided to go to mac donalds, I really don’t like to eat there so I got an unpictured salmon wrap.. Much better 😉

Here are some piccies:

My colleagues 🙂

Acting goofy woofy 🙂

Having a 10 minute break because our feet were killing us 🙂

Acting silly again.. Try to find my colleague somewhere 😉

A fan is very much needed if you’re trying on a zillion dresses.. we’re feeling hot hot HOT! 😉

Our little hang out space  🙂


I also wanted to write a little piece on consuming dairy and veganism.. I know that in previous posts I wanted to eliminate dairy completely from my diet and subbed this primarily with soy products..

After trying this for a few months I have to say that I don’t necessarily feel better doing this.. When on the road or traveling as much as I am, it is soooo difficult just eating healthy and I feel like eliminating dairy all together is too restricting for me at the moment.. I haven’t touched any meat though in the last 2 months, because it is very easy to find fish everywhere and I really don’t like eating it any longer after watching food inc and reading skinny bitch.. So if you guys see some greek yoghurt appear on the bloggie, sorry but that’s the way it’s gonna be.. I don’t like to label myself.. I just try to be healthy, whilst eating a variety of foods ( I will keep buying almond milk/ rice milk/ oat milk and soy milk because I think variety is very important in a diet + I really like the taste)

That’s all for now folks..Have a nice day!!


– What does your diet look like?

– Do you eliminate certain foods or avoid them?

– For what reason?

Pre-Paris eats..

11 Jun

Hi guys!

Tonight I’m leaving for a two day work trip to the wonderfull city Paris!

I’ll be working there for a bridal fair, where we will do some fittings of bridal gowns and some catwalk shows..

I’ll definitely will have a lot to look at! All those nice gowns and jewellery :)) We’ll be staying in a super nice 4* hotel and the fair is starting on sunday from 9am until 9 pm until monday from 9am until 6pm.. I think I’ll be tired after this trip 😉 Fortunately, I have a day off on tuesday.. I’m starting to miss my Bikram yoga!

I was planning to go to Bikram yesterday and this morning, but I just got spraytanned for the bridal fair ( they want their models to be tan instead of the Vampire look I got going on 😉 ) The lady from the spraytanning place specifically told me to NOT shower or do any exercise, because the formula really needed to dry a couple of hours.. Preferably a day or so.. I guess sweating your ass off with Bikram isn’t an option! 😉

I did however win an unlimited class card of Bikram for one month, so I might take the opportunity to do a lil modified Bikram challenge.. I’ll put running on hold for a bit ( my 10 k isn’t due until september) so I can go to Bikram as much as I can before heading to the USA on the 12th of july for our roadtrip.. I’ll keep you posted on how it feels to do Bikram 4-5-6 times a week instead of 2 times a week.. 🙂

Before heading off to the city of love ( without my love *boehoe*) here are some recent eatsies:

Chocolate oatmeal with protein powder and raw cacao nibs..

So psyched I found these in the store! Organic vegetable mix to steam in the microwave.. Perfect for quick and easy suppers!

Cheerios with chocolate protein powder, banana, raw cacao nibs and almond milk..

Lunch! 🙂 Pink lady apple, multigrain bread with banana and coconut butter..

Yesterday, the boy decided to go to mac donalds so I made a healthyfied version of burger and fries.. Ovenfries(baked for about 20 min in the oven), mixed salad and a veggie burger.. The sauce was a mixture of yogonaise and ketchup.. hmm.. This feast clocked in at about 550 kcal ( I was curious comparing it to the meal my boyfriend had, the mac do meal had about 1200 kcal in it.. scoreee!)

This morning’s breakkie: strawberries with coconut butter and raw cacao nibs, whole wheat toast with melted cheese and whole wheat toast with nanner..

See you guys from Paris!


-Have u ever been to Paris? If yes, did you like it?

– Favorite breakfast meal?

Self sabotage + recent eats

15 May

Hi guys!

How’s your sunday going? I went to Bikram this morning and it went great! I was kinda afraid of going without having breakfast first but Bikram on an empty stomach is heavenly.. I was a lot more focused and felt much lighter than usual.. (Not: Make sure you have a snack before bed though, this gives you enough energy in the morning)

So today I wanted to write a post about self sabotage, a problem that most people encounter at a point in their lives.. You start out with good intentions but somehow your mind tricks you to do the opposite..

  1. Focusing on what is not working or not right.

–> Problem: Finding that you think a lot and speak a lot about what is going wrong can make you feel dissatisfied and can quiet your sense of purpose and ambition. Notice how often you speak about things that aren’t working.

–> Action: Ask yourself a new question: “What’s going right?” or “What IS working?” Begin to notice all the things, no matter how small, that are working well. Change your way of thinking!

  1. Being stuck in fear.

–> Problem: You worry a lot about the future and what is going to happen or might happen..

–>Action: It is time to put your focus on the present. We can’t control or predict the future or other people’s behaviors. All we can control is our own, right here, right now. Ask yourself the question “What is the worst thing that could happen?” Then, let go and know that it isn’t in your hands to control the future and that rarely do the scenarios we create in our heads occur.

  1. Feeling you have no value.

–> Problem: Do you forget all your accomplishments and lack pride in who you are and what you have accomplished? If you stew and obsess about the past or your lack of success or lack of goal achievement, then you’ll be stuck in noticing how much you lack as a person.

–> Action: You can choose to notice what you do that is good and that you can be proud of, no matter how small it may seem. Each day keep a log of what you are grateful for about YOU. When you hear your “inner coach” or inner voice telling you what you haven’t done right or well, turn down the volume on it and turn on the volume to hear the voice that knows the TRUTH about who you are and how you add value to the world. Acknowledge yourself for at least 5 things each and every day that you did well. Each day, compliment yourself on something you did that you feel good about.

  1. Comparison of self to others.

–> Problem: Do you constantly compare yourself to others and then feel badly when compared to them? Comparison doesn’t motivate us to do more or be better, instead it makes us feel we’ll never be good enough and we aren’t right now.

–> Action: Write out the 5 qualities you like best about yourself. Then write out what you value most in your life. Reread this list from time to time.. Source

Here are some more usefull tips to avoid self-sabotage and to get you on track towards a healthy lifestyle:

  • Look elsewhere for comfort for any problems. Instead of reaching for the ice cream pale or the cookie jar, have a cup of tea, take a walk, phone a friend, watch a movie, listen to music, read or hit the gym.

             –> My solution for this is Bikram Yoga, afterwards I always feel so healthy and emotionally stable and I don’t have the need to snack candy or unhealthy stuff..

  • Take ten minutes to pass. When you have a craving, accept it but don’t act on it. Generally with emotional eating, the problem comes when people act immediately on a craving. It you give yourself some time to “think it through” it will pass. Curb cravings with flavoured herbal tea, they are healthy, tasty and will satisfy your oral fixations.

        –> When I have a craving, I usually just dig in without even thinking about it. I really have to work on thinking it through and realising If i’m hungry or just want to eat for any other reason..

  • Don’t bring junk food home. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. If you are craving something un-healthy, you will be less likely to eat it if you have to go to the store to get it.
  • Always leave something on your plate. Even if it’s just one bite. This reminds you that you are in control of the food, not the other way around. A little bit of empowerment can go a long way!
  • Eat right. If you aren’t getting what you need from your diet you will be much more likely to emotional eating. Always eat breakfast following which eat a small meal every three to four hours. Your diet should consist of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

        –> This is very very important!! If I don’t fuel myself enough during the day and I come home feelin ravenous, I tend to eat too much.. Eat when you are hungry.. If you eat a portion size that’s right for your body, you will start eating every 3-4 hours because you’re body is telling you to

  • Exercise and sleep. When you are working out and sleeping regularly you feel better and are able to better deal with stresses.
  • Make a healthy choices. If you must “fill the void” have fruit, vegetables with dip, or unbuttered air popped popcorn.  Source


And I have some more eats to share with you guys :))

Fresh fruit bowl with raisins and nuts..

Multigrain bread with spinach, hummus and veggie burger + multigrain bread with salmon + carrots with raisins and apple

Soy yoghurt with fresh mango and apple, oats and cashews

I also went grocery shopping : a whole weeks worth of goodies 😉

Romaine salad

Beans, sunflower seeds, trio of hummus and sundried tomatoe tapenade

Blueberries, some exotic unknown fruit ( which is yammy 😉 ) and lemons

Apples, Organic bread, banana and chickpeas

Veggies burgers! 🙂

Organic bread with nanner and cashews.. and ofcourse chocolate chips


-Do you ever self sabotage yourself? Do you sometimes have discussions with your own mind?

What is the one food you always bring home from the grocery store: Any favorites?

Vlog: How to..Put on natural makeup

8 May

Hey everyone!

First of all, Mom if you’re reading: Happy mother’s day!! 😉

Today I made my first Vlog! I got a request before to do a makeup tutorial regarding natural makeup so here is the result! If you guys like it I can do another one on party makeup.. Just let me know 🙂

!! The sound isn’t very good because I don’t have an internal microphone.. You may need to use earphones to hear me talk, it will depend on your computer 😉 !!

And some more recent eats 😉

Whole wheat bread with pb and nanner..

Whole wheat wrap with pb, strawberry jam and banana

Whole wheat wrap with smoked salmon, cheezly, salsa and spinach

Snackage: Apple and pecans

Whole wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes, tomatoe sauce, cheezly and spinach

Soy yoghurt with muesli and fresh fruit

– Vlogs? Do or don’t?

– What did you do for mothersday? I didn’t really celebrate because the real mother’s day in Belgium is the 15th of august 😉

– Do you have a pb addiction? I sure do 😉